Our Philosophy

We here at Station have lived and breathed surfing our whole lives.  We surf and wakesurf on our own products everyday.  We have been building surfboards for years and once we fell in love with wakesurfing we applied our shaping and glassing skills that we earned and learned here in Newport Beach, CA to designing the most high performance wakesurf boards on the market.  Surfboards are an interesting product, and even with all the technological advances our world has seen, a REAL surfboard can still only be made by a skilled craftsman.  There is no surfboard building school, these are skills we have been taught by the shapers, glassers, sanders, and painters that have come before us.  There are a ton of imitations out there and "pop out" boards being made in China but a true surfer knows the difference.  That's why we are still here shaping boards by hand every day.

That being said we are stoked you checked us out.  Hit us up through the contact link to order a custom board.  We ship anywhere.  Thanks again for checking us out, we'll see you out there.